Welcome! The sport of running can prepare you for life's many opportunities and challenges. Our role is to provide you with valuable information and positive motivation to give you that extra boost of confidence to help you achieve your fitness goals, and maintain a definitive edge over the competition on race day.

As an all-around athlete and coach with over 37 years of running-related experience, I'm well equipped to provide answers to your questions, and to give you the proper guidance and tools for fitness success. I am personally vested in the success of each and every client, and will put forth my finest efforts to ensure that you receive the best possible solutions to suit your ever-evolving fitness needs!

As a client, expect to receive superb individualized treatment and careful and complete consideration of your lifestyle, budget, current physical fitness level, motivational style, and personality. Get ready to take your running and your life to the next level of success!


Corey Irwin
Head Coach & CEO,

Rock It! Running Company™


Rock It Running™ Company is a running and wellness coaching business based in the Washington DC area. The company is headed by its Founder and CEO, Coach Corey Irwin.

We at the Rock It! Running™ Company believe that fitness & healthy living should be fun, inspiring, and engaging. And this attitude is reflected in the way we coach our clients. If you enjoy your training and feel good about what you're eating, then you're all the more likely to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long-term.

In addition to our focus on fun fitness, our coaching philosophy centers around three key elements: inner wisdom (i.e., listening to one's body and paying attention to mental cues), moderation, and balance. We incorporate these principles into everything we do. We firmly believe that this mutli-prong approach helps to brings greater meaning and fulfillment to our clients' successes!

We take a well-rounded, thorough approach to help our clients reach their goals -- The way in which we mentor and motivate clients is built around their specific goals and needs, and takes into account personal tendencies, abilities, current health & fitness levels, lifestyle, and other factors.

By providing positive encouragement and key insights on health & sports nutrition, training, & sports psychology, we show clients how to condition their minds & bodies to achieve mental & physical breakthroughs. We create a mentally and physically healthy environment in which clients can thrive, focusing upon an already-existing framework of positive attributes, initial successes, & opportunities for growth in the face of challenges, and building from there. This solid foundation is what gives our clients the inner courage to meet new challenges in healthy, constructive ways, and to forge powerful new ways of envisioning themselves & the world around them.

Our company provides professional running and wellness coaching services for athletes of all ages & abilities. We coach individuals and teams training for overall fitness and specific athletic events, design personalized training programs and running clinics, and provide health & (sports) nutrition guidance, as well as practical tools for life balance maintenance and stress reduction. We also provide wellness and healthy lifestyle consultations, as well as in-person healthy cooking instruction and demonstrations to individuals and groups living in or visiting the Greater DC area (i.e., DC-MD-NoVA).

Consultations: Coaching sessions and corresponding follow-up sessions (to monitor client progress) are conducted online, over the phone, &/or in-person (for local clients living in or visiting the Greater Washington DC area, i.e., DC-MD-NoVA).

To set up a consultation/coaching session, please contact us via email. Thank you.